November 09, 2022


Sofema Online (SOL) is pleased to announce the availability of our training course specifically focused on the needs of EASA Part 145 New Staff:

HF & SMS Combined Integrated Training

Please see details at the following link

Introducing the NEW Initial 145 HF & SMS Combined Training

  • This Course Integrates both Human Factor and Safety Management System Elements fully compliant with EASA GM2 145.A.30 (e) HF & SMS Training Requirements.
  • People are at the core of our aviation system and they need to be willing to engage with the organization’s safety management system as well as to remain aware of the potential for human error-driven exposure at all times. We must strive to ensure we are able to deliver a strong human performance to protect both the person and the system.
  • Today 80% of Aircraft Accidents and Incidents are caused by Human Factor errors & we need to effectively consider human factors and manage human performance as a function of the development of our organization’s “Safety Management System” (SMS) – to do so we need to address the risks and exposures, all threats need to be understood and mitigation put into place to address them.

Benefits of Completing the Sofema Online EASA Part 145 Human Factors & Safety Management System Combined Training with Voice-Over include:

  • Be able to demonstrate compliance with EASA GM2 145.A.30 (e) HF & SMS Requirements.
  • Achieve an in-depth understanding of basic Aviation Safety Concepts.
  • Be able to consider Human Factors knowledge and integrate it into key areas of aviation Safety Maintenance.

Demonstrating Compliance To Your Regulatory Authority

To support your Quality Assurance oversight of the process SAS will provide FOC Guest access for your Nominated Assessor to validate SOL online training courses or to provide team viewer or similar access to classroom & webinar courses when it is required.

Question – Concerning Existing EASA Part 145 Staff who have already completed HF Initial Training (Sofema Online offers a solution for existing staff who require a bridging course – Check it out here)

SMS Bridging Course for Persons with Valid Initial HF Certification

  • This is the SMS element only of our newly developed course specifically designed to ensure the delegates cover in sufficient depth, every aspect related to the need to be able to demonstrate compliance with EASA GM2 145.A.30 (e) HF & SMS Training Requirements.
  • This course is intended as a bridging course for delegates who are able to satisfy the regulatory authority that they have completed the Human Factor Elements applicable to EASA Part 145 Staff.
  • Delegates are able to achieve an in-depth understanding regarding basic Aviation Safety Concepts, in particular, to ensure adequate focus on the importance of Safety Behaviour integrated into normal working practices.
  • The course provides an opportunity to ensure an in-depth familiarization with all Organisational Safety System Elements and to be able to integrate this knowledge into key areas of CAMO Aviation Objectives.

Save up to 40% of the course fees with Multiple User Discounts – Please see the following available discounts:

2 to 4 courses/delegates – 10%

5 to 9 courses/delegates – 15%

10 to 24 courses/delegates – 20%

25 to 49 courses/delegates – 30%

> 50 courses/delegates – 40%

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