December 01, 2020


SofemaOnline (SOL) has prepared an exciting challenge for you this holiday season – 500 free Aviation SMS courses (equivalent to 25 000 Euro worth of training)

Follow these 3 easy steps to take part in the challenge:

→ Visit from December 1st to December 31st, 2020
→ Find the Aviation SMS Foundation course with VO
→ Register for free

We appreciate our students and want to thank all of them for their trust during this challenging year and use the opportunity to give them something in return:  Aviation SMS Foundation course with Voiceover for free

Details about the training:

This course delivers one of the best fundamental SMS introductions available. Building on the importance for all members of the organisation to be able to engage with the SMS.

By completing it, the delegates will gain the ability to:
– Fully understand the ICAO SMS Requirements and the intent behind them
– Understand SMS concepts and principles
– Develop ideas to improve the quantity and quality of safety data collected
– Understand the usefulness and limitations of Risk Assessment methods, clearly understand the options available and their effectiveness for reducing and eliminating risk
– Develop ideas on how to improve Risk Reduction processes in their own company


  • Definitions
  • Sharing our SMS Understandings
  • Why Our Aviation Industry SMS Faces Continued Challenges
  • The Evolution of Safety Thinking
  • Components of an SMS System
  • SMS Commitment
  • SMS and Organisational Culture – Discipline, Just Culture and Beyond
  • Developing Organisational Roles in Support of Our SMS
  • Hazard Management & Risk Assessment Processes – Five Fundamentals
  • SMS Management of Change
  • Introduction to Emergency Response Planning


After successfully taking the course’s exam, the delegate will receive an online certificate, immediately available for download on their profile.

Join the Aviation SMS challenge – Browse through

Note: The offer will run until the end of December or until 500 delegates have enrolled.

For questions or further guidance, please email the SOL administration team at

Happy Holidays from the Sofema team!


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