How Important is Aviation Maintenance Human Factors Training to My Organisation?

Sofema Aviation Services presents a training opportunity for Instructors & Potential Instructors.

Course Location & Date: The course is scheduled to run from January 14th to January 17th 2020 and will be delivered at the MJETS facility in Don Muang Airport, Bangkok.

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4 Days Intensive course for Human Factors Instructors covering the following:

In-Depth Understanding of Theoretical Instruction, of The Adult Learning Process, of HF Role in Training. Personal Development of The Trainers Teaching Skills in Terms of Human Factors, Learning, Teaching, Training Philosophies, Training Program Development, Techniques of Applied Instruction, Feedback Communications, Human Performance And Limitations, Facilitation/ Debriefing, Evaluation And Testing.

Take your Maintenance Human Factors Instructor Competence to the Next Level


It is widely known throughout the aviation industry that Human factors either directly cause or contribute to a significant number of aviation accidents.

Additionally, it is universally accepted that 80 percent of maintenance errors involve human factors.

If Aviation Human Factors Lapses are not detected, they can potentially cause events, injuries, lost time, incidents and even accidents.


What is the Benefit of this Training – What will I learn?

a) Develop the competence to implement and manage your organisations HF Program

b) Understand how to promote a human factor-driven approach to safety

c) Develop your specific Human Factors awareness and competence as a HF trainer providing support for a positive Safety Culture

d) Be able to motivate the workforce using soft skills that complement your technical competency

e) Understand the most effective delivery methods for Human Factor Training

f) Be able to communicate effectively the human causes of error and an understanding regarding a proactive approach to the avoidance and mitigating of errors

g) Be able to facilitate In-company Human Factors and Maintenance Error Management workshops


Sofema Aviation Services is pleased to say that the Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance “Train the Trainer” – 4 days training has been carried out multiple times during 2019.

It was delivered in Bangkok in March 2019 and here is what the delegates had to say about it:

“The organisation of the course was great.”
“The instructor engaged the attention of the class throughout the entire training.”
“The presentation was very well delivered.”
“The instructor provided examples for all the points which made the material much more easy to comprehend.”
“The course was very interactive.”


For further details please see the course’s page here or email