New Aviation Compliant Courses are in schedule for July 2019

Sofema Aviation Services is pleased to announce an Aviation Training session in Sofia
Dates: 8 – 19 July 2019
Venue: SAS Training Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria
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The following courses will be available:

EASA Part 145 – 3 Days
Dates: 8-10 July 2019
Price: 895 USD
Venue: SAS Training Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria

The aims of the course are to give delegates a detailed overview of EASA Part 145 regulation. The training includes many practical examples of Part 145 Implementation and how to avoid potential problems.
The training will also promote the delegates understanding concerning both airworthiness and maintenance principles, including a thorough understanding of the Role of Part 145 in all jurisdictions managed by an EASA Regulatory environment as applicable.

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EASA Basic Regulation 1139/2018 Executive Introduction and Review – 1 Day

Dates: 10 July 2019
Price: 330 USD
Venue: SAS Training Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria

Benefits of attending the course include:
- Understand and Familiarise with key elements of the New Basic Regulation,
- How to Assess Effective Compliance with the key deliverables of Regulation 1139 – Industry Responsibilities & Competent Authority Responsibilities,
- Familiarization with the relationship and roles related to aviation within the jurisdiction of EASA and the Member States.

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EASA Part M – All plus Subparts C, G & I Recurrent – 2 Days
Dates: 11-12 July 2019
Price: 645 USD
Venue: SAS Training Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Training focuses on the Operators specific responsibilities, In particular, the role of Contract and Subcontract organisations.
In addition, to provide a general overview of all parts of EASA Part M and to provide in details an in-depth understanding of Subparts C, G and I.

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EASA Quality Assurance Auditing Introduction for Beginners – 3 Days
Dates: 15-17 July 2019
Price: 895 USD
Venue: SAS Training Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria

This course is specially designed for the persons who wish to become auditors both within an operations and maintenance environment. If you have never audited before but wish to, then this is the course for you.
The course assumes a basic knowledge of aviation systems and processes however assumes no knowledge of EASA Quality Systems and focuses on introducing the delegate to all the concepts associated with basic compliance auditing.

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Root Cause Analysis for Quality Assurance Practitioners – 2 Days
Dates: 18-19 July 2019
Price: 645 USD
Venue: SAS Training Academy, Sofia, Bulgaria

The purpose of this training is to identify best practice techniques and behaviours to support the delivery of effective Root Cause Analysis. This course is intended to be highly practical and to help the delegate focus on the 5 elements which exist within a finding or issue. The finding – What is the problem? – Why is it a problem? – What standard has not been met (is it internal or external)? – Why did it happen? – How to consider Root Cause?

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Why Should I choose Sofema Aviation Services for the training?

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What do People Say about Sofema Aviation Services Training?

“The content of the course will be very useful for my future practices.”
“All my expectations are met.”
“The course really contributed to expanding my knowledge in that area.”
“The instructor really added up to me understanding the topic.”
“The presentation made the material so much more comprehensible.”

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