May 04, 2015


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) is pleased to announce the availability of Safety Management System (SMS) Training in Myanmar delivered to the highest professional standards.

The training is being delivered in the city of Yangon Myanmar from June 15th to June 24th

The intensive SMS program is focused on the specific needs of the organisation and address the obligation to implement an effective management system.

Courses are scheduled as follows:

  • June 15th – SMS for Accountable Managers Nominated Post Holders and Key Executives
  • June 16th – SMS Introduction Training for Safety and Quality Managers
  • June 18th – Aviation SMS Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis
  • June 22nd – SMS for Key Employees

Sofema Aviation Services has been delivering SMS training for more than 5 years and has provided training to several hundred delegates.

Sofema Aviation Services awarded major contract to deliver Safety Management System training to Air Serbia


Benefits of an Effective SMS System

Developing an effective SMS within your organisation can help you to do two things:

a) Ensure you meet the highest safety standard standards throughout the organisation

b) Embrace behaviours which will help you optimise your process and procedures to drive efficiency and savings.


Early Bird Discount

Multi Delegate and Early Bird discounts are available! Please see the detailed training alerts regarding the content of the training courses:


Details of available training course

1. SMS for Accountable Managers Nominated Post Holders and Key Executives – 1 Day – Myanmar

INTRODUCTION – With SMS we have a set of regulations, which allow Industry to establish best-practice that fits different cultures and place the main emphasis and duty on improving safety performance. This requires a real “team effort” as regulator and airline are all part of one large system. Working as a team it will be


 2. SMS Introduction Training For Safety and Quality Managers – 2 Days – Myanmar

Introduction The Aim of the course is to improve safety within the aviation industry and specifically provide Safety Managers with: – Sufficient knowledge to understand how an SMS can work effectively within their company and what is required to make this happen – An understanding of new concepts and industry best-practice – An opportunity to…


3. Aviation SMS Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis – 2 Days – Myanmar

INTRODUCTION This course is not intended to be entry level and it is expected that you are quite familiar with the theory regarding Safety Management and understand the concept that SMS is a specific approach to managing safety, including the full accountability procedures processes and policies within the framework of an organisational structures. The SMS…


4. SMS for Key Staff – 3 Days – Myanmar

INTRODUCTION – An effective SMS is an essential tool to raise the understanding that the organization faces in respect of the various risks affecting the business. We should know that SMS is an organisational wide system, also it is in incumbent on all staff to play a role in supporting the SMS to ensure it…

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