March 01, 2021


It is well understood that any organisation is only as good as the competence, knowledge, and customer-focused motivation with which our employees and associates are empowered.

  • SAS Consultants and Instructors are with a minimum of 20 years of Industry Experience.
  • Several Consultants are also employed as serving members of Regulatory Authorities.
  • We have specialists in Part 21, Part 145, Part M & OPS.

Sofema Staff & Consultants understand that for our business to remain successful requires above all Customer Satisfaction.

We also understand that Customer Satisfaction has to be earned, not once but continually, essentially through dedication, inspiration, and the passion of all our team.

We operate in a specialised environment where we not only focus on Customer Service but understand our corporate journey cannot take place without enabling and cultivating the culture of trust, mutual respect, and empowerment through the positive behaviour of our entire team.

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