October 02, 2023


Sofema Online (SOL) continues to support the aviation community in various educational ways, including the highly rated EASA-compliant Online Diplomas. They offer:

>> Comprehensive and in-depth training in your chosen area
>> Ideal preparation for career advancement
>> Certification for every single course and for the full Diploma program upon successful completion

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enroll in any Diploma program in October 2023 and
save up to -50% of the full training price!

Begin your learning journey with a Diploma program:

1. Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation (CAMO) Diploma 
Consists of 12 carefully selected courses such as Aircraft Maintenance Planning Package, Aircraft Technical Records, EASA Part CAMO РSMS РRegulatory Obligations with VO, and more.
Price = 740 EUR (1480 EUR)

2. Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO) Diploma
Consists of 10 carefully selected courses including Production Planning Package,  Aircraft Fuel Tank Entry Safety Procedures, Aircraft Technical Records,  Logistics РStores and Incoming Inspection and more.
Price = 590 EUR (1174 EUR)

3. EASA Stores Logistics & Inspection Diploma
The Diploma includes 14 different courses which together provide the Logistics Professional with an excellent exposure to all relevant and associated subject matter.
Price = 515 EUR (1148 EUR)

4. Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development Diploma
Leadership is a set of skills that can be learned by training, perception, practice, and experience over time which is why SOL has developed the Leadership Diploma which consists of 16 vocational courses.
Price = 490 EUR (1000 EUR)

5. EASA Part 145 Safety Management System Diploma
The Diploma consists of 8 Different courses which are suitable for all key members of your Safety team.
Price = 540 EUR (1005 EUR)

6. Quality & Safety Competence in an EASA – CAMO & AMO Environment Diploma
Learn about Aviation Safety Management Systems Implementation; Safety Management Systems Risk Monitoring and Safety Performance; Aviation Quality and Compliance Auditing in an EASA Environment and much more by starting the diploma program.
Price  = 410 EUR (780 EUR)

7. Quality & Safety for EASA Compliant Operations Staff Learning Path Diploma
The Diploma courses include Fatigue Risk Management Systems Essentials, (EU) Regulation 965/12 Training Essentials with VO, Aviation Safety Management Systems Implementation and 7 more relevant online courses.
Price = 520 EUR (969 EUR)

8. Flight & Ground Operations Learning Path Diploma
(EU) Regulation 965/12 Training Essentials with VO, EASA Ground OPS Post Holder Training, Aviation FOD Awareness Training are 3 of the 10 courses in the Diploma which aim to enhance the Flight and Ground OPS professionals’ skills.
Price = 400 EUR (864 EUR)

9. EASA Continuing Airworthiness Instructor Learning Diploma
There has never been a better time to ‚ÄúKick Start‚ÄĚ your preparation for a move into a Training Environment. The¬†Diploma recognises the completion of 10 separate courses and demonstrates a basic level of knowledge and enhanced competence across several related areas.
Price = 525 EUR (991 EUR)

10. General Aviation CAMO Learning Path Diploma
With the Introduction of New EASA Regulations effective Mar 24th, 2020 related to ‚ÄúGA‚ÄĚ in particular introducing the new regulation for Part M Light (Part ML) as well as Part CAO SOL has packaged together 9 specific and relevant training courses for the General Aviation CAMO Community.
Price = 520 EUR (965 EUR)

11. Aircraft Technical Leasing ‚Äď EASA Learning Path Diploma
Meeting the challenge of introducing a new aircraft into your company fleet or preparing for an end-of-lease transition. 11 relevant courses.
Price = 600 EUR (1074 EUR)

12. Safety Management Systems for Flight Operations Safety Managers Learning Path Diploma
Demonstrate your Safety Management System Competence by completing this 9-course program and qualify within your organisation for a Safety Management System Role.
Price = 445 EUR (779 EUR)

13. EASA Initial Airworthiness Learning Path Diploma
Consider The roles and responsibilities of an EASA Part 21 J & G organisation. Enroll in 11 courses to support an in-depth understanding of regulation 748/2012. Understand the roles and responsibilities of persons engaged in the Initial Airworthiness Environment.
Price = 764 EUR (1155 EUR)

Curious to know how the SOL Diplomas have impacted our students’ knowledge?
Check out the Success Stories of several Diploma holders:

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Want to sign up for a Diploma?

Follow this link to directly enroll on the SOL website or email team@sassofia.com for assistance and group enrollments.


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