May 16, 2023


Sofema Online (SOL) welcomes a dedicated training program for EASA Part 145 Safety Specialists. Preparing for SMS implementation within the maintenance organisation is essential for improving safety performance, ensuring regulatory compliance, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Proper planning, engagement, and communication are key to a successful implementation.

Following a number of client requests we have created a special 145 SMS Program:

EASA Part 145 Safety Management System Accelerator Package

Safety System Training Program Details

Prepare your Safety Office Admin and Risk Team with this program of 5 separate courses equivalent to 9 days of classroom training:

  • Aviation Safety Management Systems Implementation (125 EUR)
  • Root Cause Analysis for Managers, Quality, and Safety (SMS) Practitioners (125 EUR)
  • SMS Advanced Techniques for Safety Practitioners – EASA Compliant (125 EUR)
  • Aviation SMS Practical Safety Auditing & Setting Performance Indicators (Recurrent) (85 EUR)
  • Developing & Maintaining SMS Compliance in an MRO and 145 for Quality & Safety Personnel (125 EUR)

Save over 200 Euros with this special EASA Part 145 Safety Management System Accelerator Package 

The normal online price for the 5 courses is 585 EUR, however, offered as a package the program is competitively priced at 355 EUR / delegate (equivalent to 9 days of classroom training).

Benefits of Introducing SMS within your EASA Part 145 Organisation

Safety System preparation is vital for a smooth and effective implementation of SMS. Here are some key reasons why preparing for the introduction of SMS within maintenance organizations is essential:

  • The introduction of SMS within a maintenance organization helps cultivate a strong safety culture by promoting a proactive approach to identify, assess, and mitigate risks. This ultimately leads to improved safety performance.
  • Implementing SMS can help identify hazards, assess risks, and implement mitigation measures before they escalate into accidents or incidents.
  • By identifying and managing risks proactively, maintenance organizations can minimize disruptions, reduce downtime, and optimize resource allocation.
  • A well-implemented SMS demonstrates an organization’s commitment to safety and can lead to trust improvements with customers, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies.

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