January 15, 2024


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) www.sassofia.com is pleased to share that the Aircraft Accident Investigation Process & Procedures training was successfully completed by delegates from HAS International. 

The course was carried out by our experienced instructor Murray Pine.

About the training

This course aims to provide the delegates with an understanding related to the investigation methodology to ensure compliance with legislation, regulations, and national requirements. They will learn how to gather, manage, catalogue, and ensure the integrity of the evidence. During the training, the participants will consider the impact of the operational and technical environment required to support the investigation. They will also learn how to identify the key requirements and steps in the investigation process & will be able to assess human factors involvement throughout the chain of events.

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Get to know the instructor

Murray Pine has over 45 years of experience in Commercial Aviation. He is a graduate of Canterbury Technical College. Murray started his career in 1978 as an approved mechanic in Dan Air Lasham. Over the years, the instructor gained experience in Aircraft Maintenance, Base Maintenance, Aircraft Engineering, Quality Assurance, Auditing, Safety Management – Technical & Quality Investigations, Flight Crew Management, Project Engineering, and Aviation Training.

Murray is also experienced in Aircraft Leasing and Technical Records. As an onsite Inspector/Manager for Lease Return, the instructor was involved in the following: Lease return conditions review and validation, full inspection of the aircraft, and raising of findings requiring rectification, dent & buckle chart review and validation, review of all Hard Copy records, all main A/F and engine LLP review, checking all Return to Service ISATFM requirements, engine running and borescope validation, final review of the compliance of AA Lease return conditions, and validation of all outstanding findings. In 2021-2022 he has completed a total of 6 Mid-Term inspections and Records reviews on B777-300ER, A320, and A330 aircrafts. Additionally, he has completed 2 End of Lease Return/Transition to a new operator of A320 aircraft. Read more about Murray

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