January 26, 2023


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) is pleased to invite you to our webinar that is coming in March 2023:

Maintenance Error Decision Aid (MEDA) Train the Trainer

Act now to secure the price of 740 EUR (875 EUR) Register at  team@sassofia.com before 14 February 2023! (Attend with colleagues to achieve even bigger discounts – Read more)

Training details:

Date: 14 – 16 March 2023
Starting time: 10:00 (GMT+2)
Duration: 6 hours each day with the appropriate pauses
Price: 740 EUR (875 EUR) valid until 14 February 2023


– Full Access to Interactive Instructor-Led Webinar
– Soft Copy of the Material
– MP4 File which contains the full training program presented following the completion of the training course
– Free of charge Foundation online course by choice

The Maintenance Error Decision Aid (MEDA) process was developed by Boeing and is a proven and effective tool, for not only investigating the various causal factors but in also developing mitigations. Maintenance Error Decision Aid (MEDA) Train the Trainer is a 3-day industry-specific training aimed at Training, Quality, and Safety Personnel who have responsibility for implementing, managing, or training Incident and Accident investigation and mitigation processes. See more

What are the benefits of attending this course? 

a) Gain awareness of the structural composition and impact of EASA Part 145 Maintenance Error on the Organisation.
b) Understand the forces driving 145 Maintenance Errors to focus your business decision process on improved engagement with employees.
c) Gain the ability to consider changes driven by MEMS Part and how they impact your specific organization.
d) Gain detailed knowledge of the key components of MEMS.
e) Have the knowledge to be able to implement MEMS within an Organization.

See the full content of the training here

What do People Say About Sofema Aviation Services Training?

“The content of the course will be very useful for my future practices.”
“The course really contributed to expanding my knowledge in that area.”
“The presentation made the material so much more comprehensible.”
“The instructor really added up to me understanding the topic.”
“All my expectations are met.”

Gain awareness of the MEDA process – Book your virtual place at team@sassofia.com!

This training is part of our MEMS & MEDA webinar session – See which courses are included here


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