EASA Part M for Leasing Companies, Aircraft Financiers and Aircraft Insurers – 1 Day


The Aims of the course are to give delegates an updated and recurrent understanding of the EASA driven operator’s responsibilities, contracted arrangements, Subpart G and Subpart I responsibilities.

It is aimed specifically at the leasing community to raise awareness of the various challenges faced driven by difference in EASA / FAA / Other legislation return conditions.

Delivered by a Part M “expert” with a detailed understanding of the various challenges which can occur and effective solutions. Understanding the MSG 3 Task based philosophy.

Dealing with Contractual Issues and obligations, Maintenance Programs and Bridging Checks.

What is the Benefit of this Training –What will I learn?

a) Achieve a solid understanding related to Subpart G Continued Airworthiness Management (CAM) and Subpart I Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC)

b) Be able to demonstrate Part M Functionality and to avoid or mitigate problems

c) Appreciate the difference between Full ARC’s and Reviews

d) A detailed understanding of the PART M Quality System –The difference between QA & QC Roles and responsibilities

e) Be able to use the regulation to proactively manage the Continuing
Airworthiness (CA) of your aircraft.

f) Understand the activities which support the analysis of Safety Data including
SB’s and AD’s

g) Understand the purpose of STC’s and how they are integrated into the
maintenance Program

h) Understand the roles and responsibilities within the various CAMO groups
including Reliability, Technical Records, Engineering, & Maintenance Planning

Why Should I choose SAS for the training?

Sofema Aviation Services a Regulatory training and consulting company with 45
years commercial aviation experience and 10 years operational experience.
Since we started we have provided certificates to approx 25,000 delegates we
have grown for 2 primary reasons!

The first is that we are professional and we listen to our customers. Please visit
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Why Makes SAS EASA Part M for Leasing Companies, Aircraft Financiers and Aircraft Insurers Different?

Because our courses are written by people who have lived through the regulations, from the introduction in the early 00’s. EASA Part M is an essential regulation related to the management of the aircraft.

At Sofema Aviation Services our focus is on accepting that compliance with EASA Regulations is in fact minimum compliance. Interpreting the regulations in a way which enables the development and optimization of our business is where we should see opportunity to drive efficiency and cost saving.

DETAILED CONTENT / TOPICS (the following subjects will be addressed)

– Abbreviations
– Regulatory Framework
– Organisations Approval Ratings
– MSG 3 introduction
– Managing Competencies in a Part M Environment
– The impact of SMS and Compliance Management on the CAMO
– Considering Part M & EASA “OPS” Interfaces
– Maintenance Contracts and the use of PMA and Fabricated Parts
– Understanding the Role of The ARC
– Subpart B – Accountability
– Subpart C – Continuing Airworthiness
– Subpart D – Maintenance Standards
– Subpart E – Components
– Subpart G – Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation
– Subpart H – Certificate of Release to Service
– Subpart I – Airworthiness Review Certificate


The course is focused and stimulating, very practical and participation is encouraged. It is ideally suited to Accountable Managers, Post Holders CAMO and Quality Personnel as well as Lease Company Specialists, Financiers and Insurers wishing to develop an additional perspective.


A background in an aviation environment.


To give delegates an overview of Part M implementation and how to avoid potential problems.


1 day – The training will commence at 09.00 and finish at 17.00, with appropriate refreshment breaks.

To register for this training, please email office@sassofia.com or Call +359 28210806

Sofema Aviation Services offers a flexible approach to developing all in-company training courses which are specific to the client’s needs. If you would like additional information concerning how course content may be configured to be more appropriate for your organisation please email office@sassofia.com

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