Introducing Aviation Maintenance Error Management Systems (MEMS) – Intensive – 2 Days


Identifying the Aviation Need for a Maintenance Error Management System (MEMS)

Human Factors is a major component of Maintenance Error, an active organisation system which is able to manage exposure to risk and hazards can benefit the entire process by significantly lowering the possibility of both Human Factor (HF) and Organisational related incidents and events

Maintenance Error Management System (MEMS) provides an organisation methodology which using a framework and a defined process (in our case BOEING MEDA) to help to understand not just the error and its root cause, but the contributing factors – essentially it is the understanding and management of the contributing factors which adds strength to the system.

Within the Organisation Culture and Behaviour play a significant role in the exposure to error and through MEDA we are able to work to identify the degree of exposure, integrated into an SMS system can significantly improve the reach and effectiveness of the MEMS Program.

One of the biggest challenges the organization faces is to take control of its safety culture, this process is built on a foundation of trust and can be easily damaged by ineffective process management. This is important as strong safety culture is an essential ingredient for effective safety management.

This highly interactive 2 day training focuses on the understanding, development and optimisation of an effective Maintenance Error Management System (MEMS) within your Maintenance Organisation.

Moreover the course considers how best to integrate MEMS into your Safety Management System (SMS). In accordance with the provisions of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) driven SMS, It is important to note that the intent of the internal safety reporting scheme is not only to capture reactive safety information following from errors, near-misses or other undesirable events (occurrences) but also to capture safety hazards.

Sofema Aviation Services offers Training, Support and Guidance to help you understand, develop and implement an Effective Error Management Systems to deliver the safest possible organization process.

This Industry specific 2 Day course is aimed at the understanding and implementation of all the necessary elements to create an effective Maintenance Error Management System.

The training considers the attributes of an effective and open reporting culture and how this may be fostered.

The training will focus on the use of the Boeing MEDA tool as an aid in performing event Investigations.

Who is the Course for?

Consider that understanding the MEDA process is the starting point – The real advantage is used MEDA as a Tool to provide “Data” to the SMS and to enable the optimisation of the business in the best way whilst remaining fully compliant with EASA Part 145 requirements.

What is the Benefit of this Training – What will I learn?

a)Awareness of the structural composition and impact of 145 Maintenance Error on the Organisation
b) Understand the forces driving 145 Maintenance Errors to focus your business decision process on improved engagement with employees
c) Ability to consider changes driven by MEMS Part and how they impact your specific organization
d) Confidence in detailed knowledge of the key components of MEMS
e) Have the knowledge to be able to implement MEMS within an Organisation

Why should I choose SAS for this training?

Sofema Aviation Services is a Regulatory Training and Consulting company with 45 years of commercial aviation experience and 10 years of operational experience.
Since the start, we have provided certificates to approx 20,000 delegates and we have grown for 2 primary reasons!

The first is that we are professional and we listen to our customers.

The second reason is a combination of outstanding course fees, together with a world-beating discount program which leaves our competitors way behind – please do not take our word for it, check it out!

What Makes SAS Introducing Aviation Maintenance Error Management Systems (MEMS) Intensive – 2 Days Different?

Because our courses are written by people who have lived through the regulations. The author of the training material has more than 25 years’ experience as an auditor across the entire regulatory spectrum.

At Sofema Aviation Services our focus is on accepting that compliance with Regulations is, in fact, minimum compliance. Interpreting the regulations in a way which enables the development and optimisation of our business is where we should see the opportunity to drive efficiencies and cost-saving.

Detailed Content / Topics – The following Subjects will be addressed –

– Abbreviations & Definitions
– General Introduction
– Regulatory Background SMS / MEMS / FRMS
– Challenges To Delivering an Effective MEMS
– Error, Violations, Blame & Culpability
– Managing Aviation Maintenance Error
– Understanding Hazard Identification and Risk Management
– Key Components of Maintenance Error Management Systems
– A practical guide to building a MEMS System
– Introduction to Boeing Maintenance Error Decision Aid System
– Detailed understanding of the Boeing Maintenance Error Decision Aid System
– Completing The MEDA Form
– Conducting a MEDA Interview
– Integrating MEMS into a Safety Management System
– Implementing Proactive Aviation Maintenance Error Reduction Strategies

Target groups 

145 Safety Management System Staff, Quality Assurance Staff, Maintenance Management Staff, Other Stakeholders and Engineering Training Staff.


General Awareness of the Aircraft Maintenance Management process.

Learning Objectives 

Consider the background regarding developments in the Industry understanding relating to Maintenance Error.
Understand the components necessary for an Effective Error Management System within your own organisation.
Develop a detailed knowledge of the Boeing Maintenance Error Decision Aid.

What do people say about Training?

“Very Valuable –Theory, Case Studies and Implementation”

“Good Examples and sharing of Information”

“Will improve our concept of the relationship between SMS & MEMS”

Duration –
2 days – Each training day will start at 09.00 and finish at 17.00, with appropriate refreshment breaks.

To register for this training, please email or Call +359 28210806

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