IATA Operational Safety Audit-IOSA

IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) Program is a global safety audit program which is internationally
recognised and accepted to evaluate operational management and control systems of an airline.
The purpose of the IOSA program are:

– To improve airline operational safety through the industry’s first globally accepted audit
programme using internationally harmonised standards.
– To improve airline efficiency by eliminating many different audits.

The IOSA standards are based on eight disciplines that contribute to airline operational safety.
These are: Corporate Organisation and Management Systems (ORG), Flight Operations (FLT), Operational
Control – Flight Dispatch (DSP), Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance (MNT), Cabin Operations (CAB),
Ground Handling (GRH), Cargo Operations (CGO) and Operational Security (SEC).

SAS IOSA Courses in various types are developed and designed to introduce delegates to the working
of the IOSA program. They will learn how to interpret IOSA requirements and documention, implemention
of that requirements in their airline. Besides,they will gain the required information, knowledge and skills
for actual IOSA audit preparation and post-audit follow-up process.

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1-Day Training

IOSA Awareness Course – AM & Post Holder – 1 Day

2-Day Training

IOSA Fundamental Course for Managers and Key Personnel – 2 Days 

 3-Day Training

IOSA Advanced Course for Airlines – 3 Days
IOSA MNT Discipline Course for Airlines – 3 Days
IOSA SMS Course for Airlines–3 Days 

5-Day Training

IOSA Internal Auditor Course – 5 Days