December 21, 2023


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) is delighted to congratulate Dobrica Vincic for becoming
SAS Instructor of the Year for 2023!

Sofema has been delivering high-level regulatory training since 2008. We are delighted to support the aviation industry by providing delegates from all over the world with cost-effective aviation training courses delivered by experienced and competent trainers.

Since our inception 15 years ago, we’ve been demonstrating a strong commitment to providing our clients with reliable & quality-focused Regulatory and Vocational training, covering a broad spectrum of aviation regulations. Over the years, we’ve empowered thousands of companies and delegates by providing a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory framework. Our courses are supported by seasoned aviation professionals, each specialising in diverse areas within the aviation field. These experts not only bring a wealth of hands-on industry expertise but also exhibit a dedication to empowering delegates worldwide by sharing their extensive aviation knowledge.

Get to know Dobrica Vincic – He is an aviation professional with over 30 years of working experience.

Dobrica Vincic has an Honors Degree in Aeronautical Engineering at Belgrade University. He stands out for his expertise in airworthiness, design, regulatory and safety oversight, particularly in aircraft maintenance investigations. He has also managed work packages for the acceptance and (re)delivery of leased aircraft. Dobrica has held the following positions: Тhird-Party Airworthiness Documentation Surveyor (UAE GCAA), Engineering Manager (MRO),  Form 4 postholder (EASA, CAA), Head of Engineering (Design Organization), Assessor for Certified Staff, and Auditor (Maintenance, Design, Safety, Security, and ISO17025-approved organisations). He is experienced with implementing Safety Management Systems within MRO, CAA airworthiness inspector, SAFA inspector and Auditor. The instructor is also an International Trainer in EASA Regulations, Continuing Airworthiness, Aircraft Maintenance, Operations, Planning, Quality, Safety, and more.

Dobrica’s skills are marked by reliability, effective team collaboration, and strong communication, contributing to outstanding business performance. He is well-versed in aircraft systems, specializing in customizing aircraft maintenance programs (AMP), and possesses in-depth knowledge of MPD, AD, SB, AMM, CMM, IPC, and other technical maintenance documentation.

Dobrica Vincic has delivered a handful of training courses on behalf of Sofema – See a photo from the training session dedicated to EASA Part M Maintenance Planning & Reliability 

Maintenance Planning

To provide you with a clearer insight into the life of an aviation trainer, we asked Dobrica a few questions to gain his perspectives based on his professional journey.

1) What inspired you to start a career in the aviation industry?

“I was interested in vehicles from a young age since my father was a mechanic for heavy trucks and buses, so I was surrounded by tools, parts, manuals, etc. Lately, I went to technical high school and occasionally supported him during field repairs. At that time, I became interested in aviation and decided to study aeronautics at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Belgrade University.”

2) What qualities or skills do you believe are essential for someone pursuing a career as an aviation instructor?

“First of all, is to love aviation, then to have wide knowledge, enough practical experience and also to be passionate about sharing knowledge and skills. Of course, appropriate training and good preparation are necessary as well.”

3) How do you stay updated with the latest developments in the aviation industry to ensure the content of your courses remains current and relevant?

“Being in aviation means being always updated. Regular review of regulations, procedures, practices, and manuals is a daily routine and every change has to be reflected in course updates.”

4) Could you describe a particularly challenging situation you’ve encountered during your career and how you handled it?

“During almost 30 years of my career, a lot of challenges occurred. For this purpose, I could mention a visit to the Boeing facility, in Seattle. That was my first “business trip”, a young engineer travelled alone, overseas, just after 9/11… That was a time before “mobile internet“, also my “not so perfect“ English does not help me a lot :‐). But with good preparation, good memory, persistence to complete the task and a lot of luck everything went just fine. Looking from this point, I am thankful to my superiors who believed in me at that time.”

5) You’ve delivered quite a few courses on behalf of Sofema. What is the best part about being a SAS trainer?

“Meeting colleagues from different countries, exchanging experiences, discussing particular topics, and sometimes establishing friendships. Also visiting various locations around the world gives the opportunity to discover culture, history, and cuisine and meet many interesting people.”

6) Are there any specific aviation topics or subjects that you are particularly passionate about teaching?

“Since I started as a company instructor for HF training, that has been one of my favourites. Also, as a Sofema instructor, I delivered several Train the Trainer courses which I found „special“. Auditing techniques are also interesting to teach.”

7) Lastly, what will you advise people who dream of a career in aviation?

“To be “open-minded “, able to adapt to various environments, a team player, and especially ready for constant learning and upgrading knowledge and skills.”

We would like to extend our congratulations to Dobrica Vincic for becoming the SAS Instructor of the Year for 2023. Your dedication and excellence in teaching are truly commendable. We wish you continued success and endless inspiration in all your future educational endeavours!


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