January 08, 2024


Sofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com is delighted to announce Lina Tay as one of the esteemed winners of our Freedom Pass upgrade contest. His impressive journey in the aviation industry, marked by significant roles across various companies, is a testament to the real-world impact and applicability of our training programs.

Lina Tay’s expansive career spans multiple prestigious positions. He currently works as the Quality Assurance Associate for Seaplane Asia Company based in Hong Kong, as Head of Safety for Siam Seaplane Limited in Thailand, and as Senior Operations & Regulatory Associate for Samra Seaplane Limited in Cambodia. His roles are critical in establishing and developing policies and procedures regarding safety management systems and regulatory compliance.

We asked Lina a couple of questions regarding his training experience with SOL: 

1. Which was the most useful Sofema Online course you completed and why?

I had completed Safety Advanced Techniques for Safety Practitioners – EASA Compliant and Aviation SMS Foundation when I began my work as a Quality and Safety Engineer. These Sofema Online courses gave me a lot of practical information and knowledge to carry on my duties as a Quality and Safety Engineer.

2. How relevant did you find the course content to your current job role and responsibilities?

Since my current company is in the stage of AOC processing, these Sofema Online courses and their content have been helping me in the position of establishing and developing policies and procedures regarding safety management systems and regulatory compliance.

3. How has completing our courses impacted your professional development and career?

After completing these courses, I feel more confident and competent in my work. I earned my professional credit from Sofema Online courses when I applied for an aviation job. My current director is impressed by the records of Sofema Online certificates I hold, which prove my professional abilities in quality and safety.

4. How did you find out about Sofema Online? What do you like about our training platform the most?

In 2018 I found out about Sofema Online when I began my work as QA Technical Publications Manager and consequently became a Quality and Safety Engineer for Bassaka Air Limited based in Cambodia. During that period, Some Sofema courses were introduced to me as mandatory courses to carry on my position. The courses I took were really helpful on a daily basis and improved my learning and understanding faster the work I was responsible for. I am so impressed by the approaches Sofema Online offers. There are a lot of things I like about the Sofema Online training platform, and the most I like are that each piece of content is simplified to follow and understand, navigation of course content is easy to use, records of scores and certificates at the end of each course are easy to download, affordable costs and payment methods are convenient.

We would like to thank Lina for sharing his testimonials with us. We hope that the Freedom Pass upgrade will help him reach his professional goals.

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