May 29, 2023


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) is delighted to share that the EASA Part ML & EASA Part-CAO courses were successfully completed by 8 delegates from Irish CAA.

The experienced SAS instructor Dejan Dencic delivered the training as webinars on 25, 26 & 27 April 2023.

Sofema is pleased to welcome each CAA that wants to boost the aviation competence of its staff.

About the courses: 

The EASA Part ML Regulatory Obligations – 1 Day training was delivered on 25 April 2023

This course was designed to provide the delegates with a solid understanding related to Part-ML Environment Continued Airworthiness Management (CAM) including Subpart I Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC). After completing the training, the participants will be able to demonstrate their Part-ML understanding & avoid or mitigate problems. They will understand the engagement with the Combined Airworthiness Organisation (CAO). See details

The EASA Part-CAO (Combined Airworthiness Organization) – 2 Days training was delivered on 26 & 27 April 2023

The training aims to provide a solid understanding related to Part-CAO Maintenance & Continued Airworthiness Management (CAM) including Subpart I Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC). The delegates will gain detailed knowledge of the PART-CAO Quality System. After completing the course, the participants will gain the ability to demonstrate Part CAO Understanding and Functionality. They will be able to avoid or mitigate problems & proactively manage the CAO Organisation. Read more

Get to know the instructor

Dejan Dencic is a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia with a degree in Mechanical Aerospace Engineering. He is experienced in aircraft maintenance and maintenance planning & engineering. Dejan has also worked as a Compliance Monitoring Manager covering quality and safety in air OPS and CAMO. The instructor has a type rating for B737, ATR-72, and Airbus 320 family aircraft and is able to demonstrate a very good knowledge of aircraft documentation (AMM, IPC, MPD, AMS, AD, etc.). Besides being a Sofema trainer, Dejan is currently working as Lecturer/Instructor at Aviation Academy and as Quality Assurance Manager at a pilot school near Belgrade. Dejan has been awarded SAS Instructor of the Year 2022 – See details

About Irish CAA

The Irish Aviation Authority regulates to the highest professional standards to ensure a safe, secure and consumer-focused aviation environment. Through regulation, it supports world-class performance and innovation in Irish and global aviation.

About Sofema Aviation Services 

Since 2008 our company provides a clear understanding of the regulatory environment and acts as an enabler to help organisations focus on organisational performance with the understanding that Regulatory Compliance is a step on the journey and not the destination. Over the years we have helped many thousands of aviation professionals gain a deep understanding of both the regulatory environment as well as competence-building vocational training. So far we have issued over 80,000 certificates of course completion to our delegates.

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