Guidance on Development of Part CAMO Safety Management System Manual SMSM

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Sofema Aviation Service (SAS) is pleased to present a template document suitable for building your Part CAMO Compliant Safety Management System Manual (SMSM).

Reference – CAMO.A.200 Management system (Regulation (EU) 2019/1383) SMS

(a) The organisation shall establish, implement, and maintain a management system that includes:

(1) clearly defined lines of responsibility and accountability throughout the organisation, including a direct safety accountability of the accountable manager;

(2) a description of the overall philosophies and principles of the organisation with regard to safety, referred to as the safety policy;

(3) the identification of aviation safety hazards entailed by the activities of the organisation, their evaluation and the management of associated risks, including taking actions to mitigate the risks and verify their effectiveness;

(4) maintaining personnel trained and competent to perform their tasks;

About SAS – SMSM CAMO Template Manual

The template document is available in word format so you can easily develop and configure for your CAMO organisation.

What is in the SMSM Manual?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Definitions

Chapter 2 – Acronyms

Chapter 3 – Scope of the Safety Management System Manual

Chapter 4 – Safety Policy and Objectives

Chapter 5 – Safety Accountability and Responsibilities

Chapter 6 – Safety System Auditing

Chapter 7 – Control and Revision of the Safety Management System Manual

Chapter 8 – Safety Risk Management

Chapter 9 – Contracted Activities

Chapter 10 – Safety Promotion

Chapter 11 – Training and Communication on Safety

Appendix 1 – Maintenance Occurrence Report

Appendix 2 – Risk Assessment, Description, Evaluation and Control (RADEC)

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