November 01, 2021


Consider your business goal related to employee competence

  • To deliver the maximum level of competence throughout the team consistent with the financial capacity of the organisation.

How does Sofema Online (SOL) make a difference?

Steve Bentley CEO of Sofema explains “We took a long hard look at the Regulatory Compliance & Vocational Training carried out within typical aviation companies – Operational, CAMO, AMO, etc and in general we find the following outcomes:

  • Anything that is identified as mandatory training by EASA or an EU Competent Authority (CA) is of course carried out.
  • Other courses are treated often in an “Ad-hoc” manner – driven by a specific need for example following a regulatory finding during an audit.
  • For additional training, the cost is a major consideration with a clear path to Return on Investment (ROI) not clear (However this changes when courses head below 10 Euro / Per Person Per Day!)

OK, I am interested, show me the financials – Please see the following link to an XL Case Study in this example within a Part 145 Organisation:

Do we agree that Competent employees are more productive – I suggest yes! So what is the barrier?

The primary barrier is typically related to budgetary considerations – for example, sending a single person to a 2-Day regulatory course in Amsterdam or London can cost approx. 2000 euros including Hotac & Travel.

So what is the Answer?

To create an environment where cost becomes a minor consideration rather than a driver!

With course costs coming down below 10 Euros / Person Per Day – Cost is no longer an issue for the organisation that is focused on building workplace competence.

Sofema Online has built a training portfolio of over 250 courses available online – Please see our current available program Here

Without the need to pay daily instructor fees we were able to strip out all unnecessary costs and provide an unrivaled training opportunity to companies. We Call this our Corporate Freedom Pass.

The outcome is that for half the cost of sending a single person to a single 2-day course once each month – we can open up 10 concurrent training slots online – Every Single Day for the duration of the subscription.

What does it mean for the Organisation?

Simply put it means that cost is no longer a barrier and you can expose the entire workforce to a range of training courses that will directly support the employees’ competence and as a result an improved level of engagement.

Sofema Online has seen a fourfold increase in registrations with more than 17000 enrollments since January 2021 – with the Corporate Freedom Pass we expect this to continue to grow and look forward to supporting our Aviation Customers with Cost Effective Regulatory Compliant and Vocational Training.”

Corporate Freedom Pass

Introducing a New Way for Your Team to Access Sofema Online Regulatory & Vocational Training Courses!

Q: What is the SOL Corporate Freedom Pass?

Sofema Online Corporate Freedom Pass Provides Access for your entire workforce to a portfolio of online training courses which would normally Cost Several 000’s Euros.

With the Corporate Freedom Pass

  • You are able to nominate a group of staff to attend a training and when complete to nominate the next group and continue in this way throughout the year of membership.
  • Sofema Online training opportunity is open to every employee within your organisation.
  • With more than 250 Courses available you can manage your training program with support from Sofema for maximum utilization and cost-saving for your organisation.
  • CFP 5 allows for 5 concurrent users, CFP 10 allows for 10 concurrent users and CFP 25 allows for 25 concurrent users.
  • Support from Sofema Online Account Manager.

Choose your Corporate Freedom Pass

  • CFP 5 with the availability of 5 concurrent online accounts (suitable for CAMO and Smaller Part 145 Organisations) nominally 1200 Training Days, or
  • CFP 10 with the availability of 10 concurrent online accounts (suitable for organisations up to 150 employees) nominally 2400 Training Days, or
  • CFP 25 with the availability of 25 concurrent online accounts (suitable for organisations up to 500 employees) nominally 6000 Training Days.

How much does the Corporate Freedom Pass cost?

  • CFP 5 – 12 – 12 Monthly payment of 550 Euro – 2nd Year 10% Discount*
  • CFP 10 – 12 – 12 Monthly payment of 850 Euro – 2nd Year 10% Discount*
  • CFP 25 – 12 – 12 Monthly payment of 1700 Euro – 2nd Year 10% Discount*

* Additional Discount Available for Annual Payment – Please contact us for more details.

* First-month payment includes – additional 1-month deposit Payment – thereafter 10 further monthly payments are due to complete the first annual contract.

How many persons have enrolled in Sofema Online Courses since last year?

  • Over 17 000 enrolments since Jan 2021
  • Over 11 240 certificates issued since Jan 2021*

* Please note the difference is accounted for by persons currently working on the program.

Why Corporate Freedom Pass?

  • To provide an opportunity for our clients to enable their employees to engage with a large number of courses with the knowledge that their cost is understood and taken care of.
  • Example: You may wish every team member to cover the whole CAMO & AMO Areas – or even complete Several Diplomas!*

* Hard Copy Diplomas will be issued in accordance with оur Standard terms.

Value for Money

  • Please consider the cost of Corporate Freedom Pass is actually less than sending 1 person to attend a Single 2-day course each month with several of our competitors!
  • A Corporate Freedom Pass will enable and support the training of your entire workforce, not just a few select individuals, delivering a positive motivation for your team at minimal cost to the organisation.

Show me the financials

Please see here a spreadsheet showing how a 145 organisation with approx. 80 employees could engage with the Corporate Freedom Pass:

Build Competence with Freedom Pass!

  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance Across the Business
  • Grow Workforce Competency
  • Access to Multiple Additional Courses available within the offer
  • Add Soft Skills Training to your package

How long is the Corporate Freedom Pass Validity?

  • Each Corporate Freedom Pass is available to the registered company for a period of 12 months from the issue and can be allocated to any nominated employee for the duration of a training course.
  • Your Freedom Pass is Corporate and can be assigned by you to any nominated person within your organisation.

Conditions for using the Freedom Pass

  • Either 5 Courses (CFP 5), 10 Courses (CFP 10) or 25 Courses (CFP 25) are opened at 1 time. Once completed you can request the next batch of courses.
  • The delegate has 3 attempts at the examination and can be enrolled a second time following intervention from your QA department. (Note our current failure rate is less than 0.05%)
  • Strict User Policy Enforced the Freedom Pass is only available to client employees.
  • Initial payment equal to 2 months fees with 10 further payments due monthly.
  • SOL Corporate Freedom Pass was launched on 1st September 2021. SOL Freedom Pass does not attract additional single courses or Package Discounts.

The Freedom Pass is not a package it is total access to all courses so there is currently no relevance for any previously offered discounts.

Client Questions 

“Our organisation has never used Sofema Online before and we are concerned about committing to such an intensive program until we have more confidence!”

We understand your concern and effective from 1st November we offer a unique opportunity to experience Sofema Online Corporate Freedom Pass without committing to the Full Program.

Effective 1st November we offer a 3-month trailing discount as our contribution to your Corporate Freedom Pass.

All payments received by Sofema during the preceding 3 month period prior to signing the Corporate Freedom Pass Contract will be deducted from the first year’s total and monthly payments adjusted accordingly (Please see the following Important Note).

Important Note: Sofema Online Corporate Freedom Pass is offered as a long-term solution to the training needs of our corporate clients who will benefit from annual renewal discounts. With Corporate Freedom Pass our goal is to provide a higher level of support, including the development of new training courses to accommodate your particular organizational objectives. We look forward to welcoming you to the program and wish you a great learning opportunity and experience!

Can we take the Corporate Freedom Pass for 6 months?

Yes, a 6-month version is available in which case the monthly payments will be CFP 5-6 which is available for 825 EUR/month, CFP 10-6 which is available for 1275 EUR/month & CFP 25-6 which is available for 2550 EUR/month.

Feedback on our Single User Freedom Pass

  1. How are you finding the Program? – I found your program really good and knowledgeable enough even for a specialist in the field and also for managers.
  2. Is the response rate of Sofema working ok for you? – Sofema team is really great and every time replied really fast.
  3. How would you describe the program in terms of Value for Money? – I started this free pass program with the idea in the future to work in Safety and Compliance and for that, I consider it necessary to have a complete understanding of Aviation domains, this is possible with your program. I found this program really valuable for what I learned already and I consider this program deserves every single euro cent paid.
  4. Would you recommend the Program? – I already recommended it to a few friends and they looked interested in it!

Next Steps

Please email us at to address any questions or to request your enrolment in the program.

  • Once enrolled you will use our special email to manage your learning path


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