March 11, 2021


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) is building a Survey to understand the key challenges to implement an SMS within the CAMO environment as a cost-effective but meaningful exercise:

Dear Colleagues

Knowing you are busy and probably not keen on sharing information anyway – However, we are kindly asking you to take a few minutes to help identify your specific challenges related to SMS.

If you would kindly take a few minutes to provide a little feedback it will help us immensely and all results will be anonymized and shared.

Please email your response to: with Subject – SMS Survey

1/ What is the No 1 challenge in your opinion to deliver an effective CAMO SMS?

2/ How developed is your risk register – what would improve this process?

3/ How developed is your risk assessment and mitigation process – what would improve it?

4/ Do you feel your training has engaged with your CAMO team – how could this be improved?

5/ Are you satisfied with the internal reporting into your SMS – if not how in your opinion could this be improved?

Many thanks for your help with this! We appreciate your input and value your opinion!


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