December 09, 2022


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) is delighted to share that the Human Factors Introduction training was completed by 10 delegates from Dronamics on 10 November 2022. 

The course was carried out by the experienced SAS instructor Elin Lambrev at the Dronamics Facilities in Sofia, Bulgaria.

What was the training about?

This course aims to provide the delegates with a deep understanding of basic Aviation Human Factors concepts. During the training, they will consider human performance and its potential impact on their daily routine. After completing the training, the participants will gain the ability to recommend changes in order to reduce human error.

Benefit from this course – Sign up for the Human Factors Introduction – ½ Day training

Get to know the instructor

Elin has more than 30 years of professional experience in the aviation industry. He is a graduate of the Danube University Krems in Austria. The instructor spent 11 years in military aviation. Elin is IATA Certified Instructor knowledgeable and experienced in various aviation areas. A results-oriented professional with experience in Airline operations, Safety Management Systems, Aviation Auditing, Training, Dangerous Goods and Special Cargo Transportation, Product and Project Management. He has worked for 8 years at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) which gave him a global view of the aviation business. Learn more about Elin Here

About Dronamics

Dronamics specialises in building an air cargo ecosystem to serve the needs of people and industries in all corners of the planet by providing Long-range drone technology designed specifically for cargo. The organisation is creating the world’s first cargo drone airline.

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