April 28, 2022


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) www.sassofia.com considers the role and purpose of EASA Part 145.A.37 – Airworthiness Review Staff.

The Key Aspects of a Part 145 Approval Consider the following:

  • Facilities – appropriate to meet the environmental requirements sufficient for the work being carried out.
  • Manpower – Sufficient – Competent to perform the required activities.
  • Documentation – Current – Approved Data.
  • Process and Procedures – Fully Documented & Controlled – Including the Maintenance Organisation Exposition (MOE).
  • Tooling & Equipment to support the Maintenance Activities.
  • Quality Assurance Process to ensure continued compliance with the regulatory and organisational Requirements.
  • The ability to Plan & Co-ordinate the required Maintenance.

Introduction to EASA Part 145.A.37

A new Airworthiness Review Certificate (EASA Form 15c) is introduced that can be issued by the CAA, by an approved organisation (For example EASA Part 145 Organisations), or by independent Part-66 engineers with appropriate authorization.

Form 15c is applicable to Part-ML & applies to the following aircraft when not listed in the air operator certificate (AOC) of an air carrier licensed in accordance with regulation (EC) No 1008/2008 and not classified as a complex motor-powered aircraft. (It is applicable to both private and commercial operations of aeroplanes):

  • Aeroplanes of 2730 kg maximum take-off mass (MTOM) or less.
  • Rotorcrafts with a 1200 kg MTOM or less, certified with a maximum of 4 occupants.
  • Other EL2 aircraft (Note – This means that all sailplanes and balloons are also included.)

ARC Requirements

(a) In order to be approved to carry out airworthiness reviews and to issue the corresponding airworthiness review certificates (ARC) for aircraft covered by Annex Vb (Part-ML), the organisation shall have airworthiness review staff that comply with all of the following requirements:

  • They have acquired experience in continuing airworthiness of at least 1 year for sailplanes and balloons and of at least 3 years for all other aircraft;
  • They hold a certifying staff authorisation for the corresponding aircraft;
  • They have acquired knowledge of Annex I (Part-M), Subpart C, or of Annex Vb (Part-ML), Subpart C;
  • They have acquired knowledge of the procedures of the maintenance organisation relevant to the airworthiness review and issue of the airworthiness review certificate.

(b) Before the organisation issues an airworthiness review authorisation to a candidate, that person shall perform an airworthiness review under the supervision of the competent authority or under the supervision of a person that is already authorised as airworthiness review staff by the organisation.

If this airworthiness review under supervision is satisfactory, the competent authority shall formally accept that person to become airworthiness review staff.

(c) The organisation shall ensure that the airworthiness review staff can demonstrate appropriate recent continuing airworthiness experience.

Next Steps

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