Fatigue Risk Management Systems Regulatory Obligations – 2 Days


ICAO defines Fatigue as “A physiological state of reduced mental or physical performance capability resulting from sleep loss or extended wakefulness and/or physical activity that can impair a crew member’s alertness and ability to safely operate an aircraft or perform safety-related duties.”

Moreover, ICAO identifies Fatigue Risk Management (FRM) as: “A data-driven means of continuously monitoring and managing fatigue-related safety risks, based upon scientific principles and knowledge that ensures relevant personnel is performing at adequate levels of alertness.”

The potential for Fatigue is, without doubt, a hazard and can be considered a significant exposure to human factors hazard because it has the potential to negatively affect the entire spectrum of duties and activities performed by an individual.

Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) is a mandatory obligation placed on the organisation and may be managed as an integrated part of the Aviation Safety Management System SMS.

The course is focused on the process to determine the specific needs of the organisation, performing a current status gap analysis, and building on the need for a total understanding of the steps required to fully implement and manage an FRMS within your organisation.

 What is the Benefit of this Training – What will I learn?

a) Understanding the shared responsibility between the operator/employee

b) Detailed awareness of the regulatory obligations

c) Understand the oversight obligations of the Regulatory authority

d) Be able to consider the various influences which affect the delivery of a fatigue management system.

e) Be able to implement within your organisation an effective FRMS System

f) Be able to engage with the Competent Authority (CA) to deliver a fully compliant FRMS system.

Who is this training for?

The training is designed for individuals who are involved in the aviation industry and are responsible for managing fatigue risk within their organizations. This may include safety managers, operational managers, aviation regulators, pilots, air traffic controllers, and other personnel involved in aviation operations.

Detailed Content / Topics – The following Subjects will be addressed 

– Introduction
– Contents
– Terminology and Abbreviations
– FRMS – How to Assess Your Organisations Status
– Introduction to the Concept of Fatigue Risk Management Systems
– Science of Sleep and Foundations of Fatigue
– Understanding the challenge of migrating from a Compliance Based FRMS to a Performance Based FRMS
– Regulatory Drivers for FRMS
– Measuring Fatigue Health and Well-Being
– Considering the Challenge of Developing an Open and Effective Reporting Culture
– Considering the Steps to Implement an Effective FRMS within your Organisation
– Performing a Gap Analysis of the current status of FRMS within your organisation
– Integrating FRMS within an SMS
– FRMS Systematic Management
– FRMS Documentation
– FRMS Training
– Promotion of FRMS within the context of a “Culture of Trust”
– Performing a “Gap Analysis” or “Full Audit” of an FRMS
– Course Close Debrief and Review

Target groups

Flight Crew Management, Operations Management Personnel, Quality and Safety professionals, Regulators other stakeholders and other Stake Holders and interested persons.


A background in an aviation environment.

Learning Objectives 

To understand the exposure, implementation challenges, and effective management of a Fatigue Risk Management System.

To achieve a deep understanding of the associated regulations and requirements.

To understand the tools and mechanisms for gathering and analyzing FRMS data within your own Airline.

Best practice development of an effective reporting policy.

Understand FRMS and how it integrates within the organisations SMS.

What do People Say About Sofema Aviation Services Training?

“I found satisfying answers to all my questions.”
“The instructor demonstrated a very deep knowledge of the subject.”
“The length of the course fits my needs and expectations.”
“The content was really effective, I gained a lot of new knowledge.”
“The practical examples were perfectly delivered.”


2 days – Each Training Day will start at 09.00 and finish at 17.00, with appropriate refreshment breaks.

To register for this training, please email team@sassofia.com or Call +359 28210806

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