April 11, 2023


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) www.sassofia.com is pleased to share that the CCAR-145, EASA-145 and FAR-145 Differences training was completed by 6 delegates from CIRCOR Aerospace.

The course was carried out as a webinar by the knowledgeable SAS instructor Altin Vrapi on 13 March 2023.

What was the training about?

This course was designed to provide the delegates with an understanding of the differences and peculiarities between the CCAR-145, EASA-145 and FAR-145 regulations concerning both airworthiness and maintenance principles. They will also understand the regulations driving the 145 processes which will enable them to make the best business decisions and ensure compliance.

Benefit from this training – Sign up for the CCAR-145 / EASA-145 / FAR-145 Differences – 1 Day Course

Get to know the instructor

Altin Vrapi is an aviation specialist with over 25 years of working experience skilled in Aviation Management, Safety, Quality, and Security. He is a Licensed Aircraft Engineer since 1996 with different type ratings. The aviation instructor is experienced in different managerial roles: Flight Safety Management, Airport development, and operation, Air Operations, Maintenance, Quality Assurance & Airline Management. Learn more about Altin here 

About CIRCOR Aerospace

The organisation was created in 2008, combining the Circle Seal Controls and Loud Engineering and Manufacturing brands. CIRCOR Aerospace is ISO 9000, AS9100, European Aviation Safety Agency EASA.145.5907, FAR 21 Production – PMA, Class 10,000 Clean Room and Soldering to J-STD-001 certified.

About Sofema Aviation Services

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