January 09, 2023


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) is delighted to invite you to our webinar that is coming in February 2023:

EASA Part 145 Safety Management Systems Train the Trainer

Act now to secure the price of 740 EUR (875 EUR) Register at  team@sassofia.com before 23 January 2023 (Attend with colleagues to achieve even bigger discounts – Read more)

Training details:

Date: 20 – 22 February 2023
Starting time: 10:00 (GMT+2)
Duration: 6 hours each day with the appropriate pauses
Price: 740 EUR (875 EUR) valid until 23 January 2023


– Full Access to Interactive Instructor-Led Webinar
– Soft Copy of the Material
– MP4 File which contains the full training program presented following the completion of the training course
– Free of charge Foundation online course by choice

This course aims to provide the delegates with an understanding of the most effective processes for delivering effective training. This highly practical course promotes best training practices. It is specifically designed for those who need to manage or deliver organizational-specific training. After completing the course, the delegates will gain training skills and the confidence to deliver effective training within each specific business area. See details

What are the benefits of attending the EASA Part 145 Safety Management Systems Train the Trainer training & what will you learn?

a) To enable the delegates to understand the many ways of communicating Safety Objectives across a wide adult audience.
b) To focus on the implementation and management processes involved in Safety Management System Training as well as the need to develop personal training skills.
c) To introduce you to training skills that you can develop to maximize the effectiveness of your training sessions.
d) To provide a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory requirement for effective SMS training.
e) To provide a thorough grounding in effective techniques to enable you to deliver appropriate SMS training throughout the organisation.
f) To promote best training practices and motivation within your organization.
g) To enable the development of a company-specific comprehensive Safety Management System Training program compliant with EASA requirements
j) An essential element then of benefiting from this training is to focus on the issues, how they relate to our workplace, and what we need to do to address them.
i) How to identify areas that need special attention and how to focus our efforts on making sure our training delivers in all relevant areas.
k) The intention of this training is not to tick the regulatory box but to identify the significant issues which need to be addressed.

See the course content here

What do People Say About Sofema Aviation Services Training?

“I found all aspects of the course very useful.”
“ The instructor explained everything very well.”
“The training environment was very motivational.”
“We received some extremely useful examples during the training.”
“Throughout the training, there was enough room for questions.”

 Understand the management processes involved in SMS Training – Book your virtual place at team@sassofia.com!

This training is part of our EASA Part 145 & EASA Part 145 SMS Train The Trainer webinar session – See which courses are included here


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