February 17, 2021


Sofema Aviation Services is pleased to announce the success of the comprehensive Diplomas available by our sister company SofemaOnline (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com

Since the beginning of 2020 more than 120 delegates have completed a Diploma program and many of them shared their positive experience with us:

M. Bertin from Singapore completed the Aircraft Maintenance Organisation Diploma:

“Overall it was a good experience. Courses are very comprehensive, clear, well presented. VO is great. Your team is very helpful, responsive and understanding.”

V. Pepelasheva completed the Flight & Ground Operations Diploma:

“For me, as a beginner and junior associate in aviation completing the courses was a very good experience, very good organized. “

K. Stroulios from Switzerland completed the Quality & Safety Competence in an EASA – CAMO & AMO Environment Diploma:

“The overall experience was great and moved along to my own pace and schedule that I had set myself. Easy to manoeuvre and navigate the site with the content list on the side. The reference tab is very useful, the voice over is a good feature, makes you focus and pay attention, also the opportunity to return to where you left, this is great!!”

D. Knudsen from Denmark completed the CAMO Diploma:

“The course covers very much, what I need, and – it’s confirming what I already know (35 years experience on aircraft)”

A. Ianovici from UAE completed the Aviation Leadership & Management Skills Development Diploma:

“Good source of necessary information and really can help to improve knowledge”

Would you like to become our next success story?

Take a look and Choose from SofemaOnline’s 9 extensive programs:

Aviation Leadership & Management Skills Development Diploma

Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation Diploma

Aircraft Maintenance Organisation Diploma 

Quality & Safety Competence in an EASA – CAMO & AMO Environment Diploma

Quality & Safety for EASA Compliant Operations Staff Diploma

Part 145 / Part 147 Instructor Diploma

Stores Logistics & Inspection Diploma

Flight & Ground Operations Diploma

General Aviation CAMO Diploma

Are you a SofemaOnline customer?

Take each Diploma with 10% off by becoming a member of our loyalty program – Sofema Online Aviation Network (SOAN)

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the SOL administration team at team@sassofia.com


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