August 08, 2022


Steve Bentley, CEO of Sofema Aviation Services, will be presenting at the following event at the Gatwick Airport in London:

Safety Management Seminar & Workshop for Airworthiness Organisations & Practitioners
1 – 2 September 2022

On day one, Steve Bentley will address the following subjects: CAMO Safety Reporting Considerations, Hazards, Risks & Mitigations

Steve will review the following topics:

  • The challenges of managing an effective CAMO Safety Management System
  • What does EASA CAMO require?
  • What do we mean by Hazards?
  • What does the AMC say?

Details of the Safety Management Seminar & Workshop:

Following the various EU regulatory requirements introducing SMS for airworthiness organisations, this unique 2-day in-person professional development event will bring safety management experts and stakeholders together to unpack these requirements in practical terms with the aid of illustrative examples and case studies.

Additionally, it would include interactive panel sessions to explore challenges and discuss pragmatic solutions and best practices that are pertinent to establishing and sustaining an effective safety management system.

Furthermore, the event will feature the review of a number of recent airworthiness-related incidents and accidents, as well as an evaluation of the lessons that may be learnt from these from a safety management perspective.

Each of the above strands of the event will be contextualised for Part 21J, Part 21G, Part CAMO and Part 145 organisations. See more

Registration:  A couple of special price tickets are available. if you would like to join the event contact – Act now due to limited places!


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