The newly added CAMO and AMO Planning & Tech Services training course can be taken Online or as a Webinar

Sofema Aviation Services and SofemaOnline have launched a new EASA Part M 1 day training course:

CAMO and AMO Planning & Tech Services – Job Card & Technical Authoring – 1 Day

It is available as a Classroom, Online and Webinar training delivery

This course is aimed at sharing best practice use of Aviation Technical English particularly focused on a clear understanding of the “Maintenance Planning” and “Tech Services” best practice & business objectives.

It is essential in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation process that we ensure the communication of “task” requirements in the correct way.

A primary objective therefore of this course is to ensure clarity in your writing and avoid any reference to vagueness – (note that insufficient understanding of the task specifics may lead to ambiguity in writing).


- Performing Gap Analysis Related to Task Card Documentation and Procedures Authoring
- Introduction – Aviation English for Technical Engineering Staff
- Task Card Example Errors
- Error Potential Related to the Use of Aviation English in the Maintenance Environment
- The Challenge of Working with English as a Foreign Language
- Considering the Basics – Best Practice Rules
- Correct Use of Technical Names
- Use of ACTIVE and PASSIVE Voice in Aviation English
- Optimizing Sentence Structure (Keep it Simple)
- Considering Task Card Issues in the Context of the Maintenance Repair Organisation (MRO)
- Human Factor Issues Related to Technical Communication
- Considering the IOSA – ISM Driven Obligations to Ensure
- Developing & Authoring Aviation Maintenance Technical Procedures
- Developing Safety Instructions


CAMO and AMO Planning & Tech Services – Job Card & Technical Authoring – 1 Day as Classroom & Webinar course:

See more details about the course on this page:

If you would like SAS to organise it as a Webinar, please email
Note that for Webinar delivery the minimum number of participants required per course is six persons. However, if you are on your own please make the request to attend the training as we will consolidate and develop a group from all our clients. You can read more about our Webinar training option here.

CAMO and AMO Planning & Tech Services – Job Card & Technical Authoring – 1 Day as Online training:

Course type: Presentation without voice over
Duration equivalent to 1-day classroom training
Price: 79.50 USD (New Users discount of 20% off is available until the end of April, email quoting “discount incredible 550” to receive it)

Read more on the online training page: or email for assistance.