June 30, 2023


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) www.sassofia.com is pleased to share that delegates from Libyan Wings successfully completed a SAS training session. 

The experienced SAS instructor Rustom Sutaria carried out the courses on 15 – 29 May 2023 at Ramada Plaza Tunis.

Which courses were included in the training session? 

  • EASA Part M – Part 145 Advanced Quality Auditing Techniques – 3 Days training 

This course was designed to provide the delegates with a detailed practical understanding of advanced auditing methodology and how they can apply it in their workplace. After completing the training they will be able to ensure effective quality oversight related to contract organisations and other service providers. They will consider the key elements required to drive the organization’s quality system to ensure compliance and to deliver maximum effectiveness. Find out more

  • Root Cause Analysis for Managers, Quality, and Safety Practitioners – 2 Days training 

This course will provide the delegates with an understanding of the techniques to focus on the organisational issues during the audit including the relationship within the workplace and the responsibility to address issues. They will learn how an effective Quality Assurance System can support the organisation. After completing the training, the participants will be able to explain the key elements required to ensure the organisation’s compliance Audit System processes are able to identify the Root Cause to ensure compliance and to deliver maximum effectiveness. See additional information

  • EASA Part M Maintenance Planning Fundamentals – 2 Days training 

This course was designed to provide the delegates with an awareness of the structural composition and impact of EASA Part M Maintenance Planning Regulations. They will understand the Organisational Roles and Responsibilities Compliant with the management of the Maintenance Program. The delegates will also learn about the development and approval of the Aircraft Maintenance Program (AMP) & the need to coordinate with Production Planning and availability and the control of approved data. After completing the training, they will have confidence in full EASA compliance and the ability to appreciate the opportunity to optimize the planning process. Read more

  • EASA Part M Implementing, Developing and Managing an Effective Reliability Program – 3 Days training 

This course aims to provide the delegates with an understanding of the role of Reliability within the CAMO group and how an effective reliability program can drive operational optimizations. They will achieve a solid knowledge related to Subpart G Reliability related to Continued Airworthiness Management (CAM) Regulatory Requirements. After completing the training, the participants will develop an enhanced awareness of warranty-related benefits & will be able to consider the role of reliability-driven Aircraft Systems and Vendor Service Bulletin implementation. See details

  • AD, SB & Repair Considerations for EASA CAMO – 1 Day training 

This course will provide the delegates with a basic understanding of STC,  ADs & Repairs in support of CAMO operations. After completing the training they will be able to use the regulatory information to document and demonstrate compliance & will achieve a significant awareness regarding the working mechanics of the certification and regulatory environment leading to improved performance and organizational benefits. Read more

  • Introduction to Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) and Minimum Equipment List (MEL) – 1 Day training 

This course was designed to provide the delegates with an understanding of the regulatory background applicable to the MMEL/ MEL & the requirements related to maintaining the validity of the MEL. They will be able to explain the philosophy and purpose and role of the MEL. See details

Get to know the instructor

Rus is a graduate of Kingston University B.Eng. (Hons.) with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. He has more than 20 years of experience in aircraft engineering and maintenance, 15 of which have been spent working for various high-profile aviation businesses in Technical Services functions. From 1997 onwards he worked with a number of influential aviation businesses such as Monarch Aircraft Engineering & Maintenance as an Aviation Technical Services Specialist.

Rus is a seasoned aviation professional with a track record in technical services functions and aviation training services from within the arenas of Quality, Safety & Airworthiness. He has been engaged by a portfolio of high-profile aviation clients ranging from leading aviation training businesses, general aviation, major blue-chip international companies, aircraft operators, and major international airlines & airports. The instructor has completed a wide variety of aviation projects – Learn more about Rus

About Libyan Wings

Libyan Wings Airlines Co JSC, or Libyan Wings is an airline with head office on the grounds of Mitiga International Airport in Tripoli, Libya. As of January 2020, the airline operates four Airbus A319s to four destinations in Libya, Tunisia and Turkey.

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