April 19, 2022


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) www.sassofia.com is pleased to provide the following training course:

Crew Resource Management (CRM) Initial Training – 3 Days

Available as a Classroom or Webinar training – Register at team@sassofia.com

What is the course about?

This training introduces the delegates to flight operational skills and provides the confidence which can be developed to improve the safety of the flight operations within their organization. After completing the course, the students will gain the ability to explain leadership, teamwork, situational awareness, and their effect on crew performance. They will learn how to specify and recognize the problems involved in decision-making. The delegates will also be able to discuss communication styles and techniques and explain the factors affecting stress and their effect on individual performance.

Which topics will be addressed during the training? 

Day 1

– Human Factors in aviation
General instructions on CRM principles and objectives
Human performance and limitations
– Threat and error management
Automation and philosophy on the use of automation
Specific type-related differences; Monitoring and intervention

Day 2

– Shared situation awareness, shared information acquisition, and processing
– Workload management
– Effective communication and coordination inside and outside the flight crew compartment
– Leadership, cooperation, synergy, delegation, decision making, actions
Cultural difference

Day 3

– Personality awareness, human error, and reliability, attitudes, and behaviors, self-assessment and self-critique
– Stress and stress management; Fatigue and vigilance
– Assertiveness, situation awareness, information acquisition, and processing
– Operator’s safety culture and company culture, standard operating procedures (SOPs), organizational factors, factors linked to the type of operations
– Effective communication and coordination with other operational personnel and ground services

See the training objectives of this course here

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