May 27, 2020


Are You Up to Speed with EASA Regulatory Changes?

Are you familiar with the Part CAMO Management System Requirements?

SofemaOnline Launches updated Online Training Support for EASA Large Aircraft CAMO Operations.

SofemaOnline (SOL) will be offering the following new courses individually and together as a package:

  • EASA Part CAMO (79.50 USD)
  • SMS for Part CAMO Regulations (79.50 USD)
  • HF & SMS for Part CAMO (165 USD)
  • Part M Updated – Regulations (117.50 USD)

Special offer – New CAMO Consolidated Package

All the above courses will also be offered as a package – New CAMO Consolidated Package at the special introductory price of 199 USD (A saving of over 140 USD).

Part CAMO – Management System Introduction

Part-Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (Part CAMO) is effective from 24 March 2020.

Part CAMO introduces the familiar concept of a Management System including Safety Management SMS & Compliance Monitoring (The old term of Quality System is discontinued).

Existing Part M Subpart G approvals will no longer be valid from 24 September 21 and it is the responsibility of each organisation to ensure an effective transition to the new Part CAMO environment.

Part-CAMO is mandatory for continuing airworthiness management of:

  • Complex motor-powered a/c (twin-turboprop < 5700 kg MTOM and/or
  • All Aircraft operated by licenced air carriers (Commercial Air Transport CAT) regardless of the aircraft which is utilised.

Additionally, Part-CAMO may be used for all other a/c (Note this is an optional choice for Private Owners of Non-Complex Aircraft).

Next Steps

Email SofemaOnline at to register for the above training courses and to enquire for additional discounts for multiple registrations for the organisation.


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