November 03, 2022


Sofema is delighted to share the Success Stories of our customers who completed a SOL Learning Path Diploma.

We are here to support our clients by providing them with the training solution that fits their needs the best. That’s why we developed our Learning Path Diploma Programs – To help you build the career path leading to your success.

We want to share the story of Jorge Delmonte. He completed the following Diplomas:

AMO Diploma
Flight & Ground Operations Diploma
EASA Part 145 Safety Management System Diploma
Quality & Safety for EASA Compliant Operations Staff Diploma
Quality & Safety Competence in an EASA – CAMO & AMO Environment Diploma
Safety Management Systems for Flight Operations Safety Managers Diploma

We asked Jorge a few questions regarding his experience with our Diploma program:

1/ How did you find out about our Diplomas?

I found out about Sofema when conducting an internet search for aviation training courses using the following search criteria: Safety Management Systems, Airworthiness Certification Courses, and FAA/EASA Certification training courses. In all my search results, Sofema Aviation Academy came up and I decided to pursue and review the information on your website.

2/ What inspired you to become an Airworthiness System Safety Engineer?

I became an airworthiness system safety engineer because of the variety of challenges and learning opportunities that this profession affords me on a daily basis. I wanted to contribute to aviation safety through knowledge, commitment, and competence in all that I do for my customers and clients and contribute toward the development of new aviation technology to improve our quality of life. I began my career as a system safety engineer in 1988 when I was given the opportunity to become part of the Safety Engineering Department while I was working at GE Aerospace. GE Astrospace created this dept to capture new business from DoD and NASA customers that required system safety participation in their product design and production efforts. In this capacity, I realized that a number of learning opportunities and professional growth were clearly a major advantage to build new skill sets, diversify my technical portfolio, and take advance of a “niche” profession that was evolving during the last 1990”s and well into the beginning of 2000. The “niche” profession that presented itself to me was that of an Airworthiness/System Safety Engineer. That “niche” profession became a reality when I accepted a job opportunity with L3 Mission Integration Systems (Now known as L3Harris ISR Systems). My job here consisted of working with the ODA organization to coordinate the submittal of safety assessments and hazard analyses for several aircraft modification programs to assess compliance with FAR Part 25 regulations. During my tenure at L3 Harris, I made the decision to pursue additional training in the area of airworthiness certification topics and at that time I was searching for suitable online training to develop competence in these topics and increase my career value to future employers.

3/ How did the Diplomas help you excel In your career?

I was looking for a way to obtain new skills quickly and allow them to become a part of my current skill sets and to secure at least four diploma paths within a year to complement my career portfolio and increase the market value of my newly found “niche” profession. As of August 2022, I successfully completed six diploma paths thereby surpassing my goal and expectations. Here are the diplomas that I acquired:

  • Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO)
  • Quality & Safety Competence in an EASA – CAMO & AMO Environment
  • Quality & Safety for EASA Compliant Operations Staff
  • Flight & Ground Operations
  • EASA Part 145 Safety Management System
  • Safety Management Systems for Flight Operations Safety Managers

In addition, I took specific comprehensive reliability courses which consisted of Developing an Effective Reliability Program Essentials, Reliability Programs for Part CAMO Maintenance Planning and Reliability Engineers, and Practical Application of Aircraft Reliability Mathematics for EASA Part CAMO. These courses were deemed necessary in order to allow me to more effectively collaborate with reliability engineering professionals and enable me to become a more effective safety professional. Thus far I have been an airworthiness/system safety engineer (The “niche” profession) for over 30 years of experience working on military and civilian airworthiness projects. I am already familiar with the FAA regulations pertaining to airworthiness. The Freedom Pass enabled me to reinforce my understanding of airworthiness by pursuing specific diploma paths to provide practical knowledge of the EASA aviation regulations and how similar (or different) there are in comparison to the FAA. So, the Freedom Pass program proved its capability to supplement and complement my career portfolio effectively all under one institution (Sofema Virtual Aviation Academy). The knowledge acquired from these courses will enable me to pursue future career opportunities in commercial aviation and contribute to my growing list of skills and competencies.

We want to thank Jorge for sharing his story with us!
We are delighted to know that we helped him climb the ladder of success and achieve the knowledge & skills required to excel in his career. We hope to continue supporting him in the future!

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