February 15, 2023


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) considers the expectations and deliverables related to the use of FDA Software

Looking at the following products:

Flight Data Analysis (FDA) Software – Introduction & Overview

Flight Data Monitoring (FDM), Flight Data Analysis (FDA), and Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) are different names of the same element of the Safety Management System (SMS). Establishing a sustainable SMS is crucial for airline safety.

The translation from aircraft flight data to significant information enables the Airlines to detect deviations and trends that may emerge to launch preventive/corrective actions.


  • Jointly developed and supported by AIRBUS and Teledyne Controls.
  • Flight Data Analysis (FDA) solution that allows Airlines to maintain their flight operations monitoring programs.
  • Comply with ICAO, EASA, CAA, and FAA requirements.
  • Measurement, analysis, and reporting software tool.
  • Handling operational performance and risk assessment monitoring.

Flight Analysis Program (FAP)

  • The FAP is a list of deviations resulting from the FDA to identify the occurrence of events that indicate exceedances that may have occurred during aircraft operations.
  • A FAP is specific to an aircraft/engine/recording configuration and may also be uniquely tailored to the Airlineā€™s requirements.

Key Functions

  • Flight Analysis and Reporting.
  • To identify areas of operational risks and precursors to unsafe Flight Operations (abnormal events and deviations).
  • The events and risk precursors are color-coded based on their level of severity.
  • The Flight Analysis function is also a powerful statistical tool enabling statistical analysis to create ready-to-use reports such as events report by flight phase, statistics report as well as trends report to continuously assess and monitor operational risks and track appropriate remedial actions.
  • Flight Profile and Animation (advanced 3D flight visualization.)

o View the flight path trace,
o Replay flights in real time,
o Review events of interest in second-by-second sequence,
o Access virtual flight deck instruments, flag deviations and exceedances, and
o Examine the take-off and landing phases.

  • Airport Visualization

o Display a set of flights in 2D and stack them over navigational charts for advanced investigative purposes.

XPressAā„¢Ā Flight Data Monitoring and Analysis

Provides a reliable Flight Data Monitoring process, Flight Data Analysis, and Maintenance Operations Quality Assurance:

  • FDA-FDM-FOQA application is a software solution which can either be installed on the air operatorā€™s central server or used as solution on a cloud server.
  • Input data corresponds to FDR, QAR, DFDAU, etc. raw data using any ARINC format.
  • Conversion of raw data to engineering units (when inspection needs to go back to source file in the investigation);
  • Direct access to ā€œevents listā€ organized between piloting techniques and aircraft health events;
  • Curves of parameters and curve templates related to user and aircraft specifications;
  • Output or partial or global recorded parameters in tabulated files;
  • Direct access to 3D flight path to be used in Google Earth;
  • Compliant with ICAO DOC9859 AN/474, ICAO DOC10000, IATA ORG3.3.13, EASA: Regulation (EU) No 965/2012.

Next Steps – Flight Data Monitoring Further Guidance

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