June 02, 2020


Sofema Aviation Services is pleased to present our Confirmed Webinar training course for SMS:

EASA Part CAMO – Safety Management Systems – Regulatory Obligations – 1 Webinar Day (6 hours)
Date: 19 June 2020
Price: 195 EUR per delegate

Sofema Aviation Services is offering a reliable solution that enables you to undergo training from any location without losing the advantages of classroom training such as discussion initiation and the ability to ask questions in real-time.

About the training

This course is highly participative and provides a full understanding of the various roles and responsibilities required to implement an effective SMS system. The primary focus is to support the delegate’s need to deliver effective management of safety including the process to measure risk and exposure and the development of mitigation strategies. Read more

What are the subjects covered?

– Introduction
– Definitions
– EASA Part CAMO SMS – Concepts & Philosophy
– Regulatory Drivers for SMS Opinion No 06/2016
– Requirements for Safety & Human Factors Training within an EASA Part CAMO Organisation
– General Introduction to Safety Reporting
– Internal Safety Reporting
– Hazard Identification Within an EASA Part CAMO Organisation
– Managing Part CAMO SMS Related Competencies
– Part CAMO – SMS Management of Change Process
– Safety Performance Monitoring
– Developing SMS Management and Supporting Documentation.
– SMS Integration within an EASA Part CAMO – Challenges
– Implementing an Emergency Response Plan
– Safety Promotion and Raising Awareness

See the benefits of attending this 1-day Webinar course here

How does Sofema Webinar Work?

We use https://zoom.us/. This is a live program where the instructor takes you through the material in real-time with easy to use Software.
This way of learning is highly interactive and spares the delegates additional costs such as travel and accommodation.

The Webinar training is a cost-effective way to cover the material for a small to a medium-size group of people. To go ahead with delivery the minimum number of participants required per course is six persons. However, if you are on your own please make the request to attend the training as we will consolidate and develop a group from all our clients.

Webinar Multi Delegate Discount

  • For 2 Delegates (or 1 Delegate attending 2 Training) we offer a 10% Discount for each Delegate
  • For 3 Delegates or more (or 1 Delegate attending 3 or more Training) we offer a 15% Discount for each Delegate

What do people say about Sofema Aviation Services training?

“Questions were welcomed and immediately answered.”
“The instructor made sure that every person understood the content of the course.”
“The presentation of the material was perfect.”
“The content was explained in detail.”
“The instructor stayed on one subject until it was cleared for everybody and then moved on”

Email office@sassofia.com to register or to receive any further details


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