November 22, 2022


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) is delighted to share that a new course regarding Part 21 has been added to our training portfolio:

EASA Part 21 Subpart J & G Combined Initial Training – 4 days

Available as a Classroom or Webinar training – Register at

What is the training about?

This course aims to provide the delegates with an awareness of the structural composition and impact of Part 21 Regulation. They will understand the Organisational Roles & Responsibilities compliant with EASA Part 21 oversight and the environment driving the Part 21 / STC process. After completing the course, the participants will also achieve a detailed understanding of Aviation Product Design and Production regulatory-driven processes. They will gain knowledge of the associated terminology and procedures including changes to Type Design, Control of Supplementary Type Certificates (STC) (modifications) and repairs. See details

Which topics will be addressed?

Day 1

  • Definitions & Abbreviations
  • Regulatory Background (ICAO, FAA, EASA)
  • Working with EASA
  • Implementing Rules (IR) environment together with supporting AMC & Certification Specifications (CS) material AMC20
  • Design Aspects of Airworthiness
  • Understanding the Principle of Implementing and Delegated Acts
  • Airworthiness Principles & Continuing Airworthiness
  • EASA Part 21 Introduction
  • Basic intro to the DOA-POA relationship
  • Introduction Role & Purpose of an STC EASA / FAA

Day 2

  • Introduction the role of PMA / EPA
  • Introduction to Aircraft Certification Specification CS 25
  • Flight Test Overview
  • Introduction & Regulatory Drivers for OSD
  • FAA TSO / EASA ETSO Considerations
  • EASA Certification Review Items (CRI) & FAA Acceptance
  • Enhanced Airworthiness Program for Aeroplanes Systems (EAPAS)
  • CS 25 Subpart H Electrical Wiring Interconnect Systems (EWIS)
  • Repair Approval Procedures
  • Equipment Approval Procedures

See the content of days 3 and 4 here 

Why should you choose Sofema Aviation Services?

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What do people say about Sofema Aviation Services training?

“The course exceeded my expectations.”
“Everything was with appropriate timing and in a good climate.”
“Maximum points for the instructor’s effort and explanation from me.”
“The instructor provided enough room for all the questions to be asked”
“We received a lot of additional information to make things clearer.”

Understand the Organisational Roles and Responsibilities Compliant with EASA Part 21 oversight – Request the training at!


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