February 04, 2021


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) considers the regulatory requirement driven by the new EASA Part CAMO requirements.


In accordance with AMC3 CAMO.A.305(g) Personnel requirements – Safety Training (Including Human Factors) – Initial safety training compliant with the organisation’s training standards should be provided to personnel identified in accordance with point (a) of this AMC within 6 months of joining the organisation, but temporary staff may need to be trained shortly after joining the organisation to cope with the duration of employment.

Note 1 – Safety training is subject to the record-keeping requirements in point CAMO.A.220(c).

  • Substantial Training records are required for all CAMO employees to include both initial & recurrent requirements.

Note 2 – Personnel being recruited from another organisation, and temporary staff should be assessed for the need to receive any additional safety training. (how will this be accomplished?

  • The organisation should have a process fully managed and documented for managing the competence of all employees within the CAMO group.

AMC3 CAMO.A.305(g) Personnel requirements – Safety Training (Including Human Factors) Considerations

Who Requires Training?

– Personnel involved in the delivery of the basic continuing airworthiness management services of the organisation should receive both initial and recurrent safety training, appropriate for their responsibilities;

– Persons involved in any compliance monitoring and/or safety management-related processes and tasks, including the application of HF principles, internal investigations, and safety training;

– Airworthiness review staff;

– Technical support personnel such as planners, engineers, and technical record staff;

– Personnel involved in developing and amending/reviewing the AMP, in assessing its effectiveness and/or working on reliability programme; and

– Contract staff in the above categories.

Content of the Training Program

Initial safety training should cover all the topics of the training syllabus specified in GM2 CAMO.A.305(g) either as a dedicated course or else integrated within other training.

The following list is an introduction to the subjects which must be covered as part of the training:

1 General/Introduction to safety management and HF

1.1 Need to address safety management and HF

1.2 Statistics

1.3 Incidents

1a. Safety risk management

1a.1. Hazard identification

1a.2. Safety risk assessment

1a.3. Risk mitigation and management

1a.4. Effectiveness of safety risk management

2 Safety Culture/Organisational factors

2.1 Justness/Trust

2.2 Commitment to safety

2.3 Adaptability

2.4 Awareness

2.5 Behaviour

2.6 Information

Next Steps

Please see the following for details of the full initial training course available either as a 3-day classroom course with Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) www.sassofia.com or online with SofemaOnline (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com:

EASA Part CAMO Safety & Human Factor Training Requirements (Initial) – 3 Days See here

EASA Part CAMO Safety (SMS) & Human Factor (HF) Training (Initial) with VO See here

Please Note – Discounts are available for multi delegate enrolments on SofemaOnline.

For further information regarding EASA Part CAMO training options please email team@sassofia.com


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