April 24, 2023


The following Subjects will be covered, however, note it is the policy of Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) www.sassofia.com to cover all requirements at the highest level required equivalent to level 2

  • LEVEL 2. A general knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject. An ability to apply that knowledge. Objectives: The applicant should be able to understand the theoretical fundamentals of the subject.

Content of CAR 145 Regulations Training (applicable for Foreign Approved Maintenance Organisation).

Regulatory Documents

Introduction to the following

  • CAR 145 (Covered in detail throughout the training)
  • CAR M

o The purpose of CAR M is to ensure that all aircraft maintenance activities are conducted in accordance with international standards and best practices. This includes the development of maintenance programs, the management of maintenance activities, the inspection of aircraft, and the documentation of all maintenance-related activities.
o CAR M applies to all aircraft operators, maintenance organizations, and approved maintenance programs in the UAE. The regulation aims to ensure the safe and efficient operation of aircraft by ensuring that maintenance is carried out in a timely and effective manner, thereby minimizing the risk of accidents or incidents due to maintenance-related issues.


o CAR MEL identifies the requirements for the Minimum Equipment List (MEL) of an aircraft, which allows for the safe operation of the aircraft with certain equipment or systems inoperative or not functioning properly.
o The purpose of the MEL is to allow aircraft operators to safely operate an aircraft with a minimum amount of equipment and systems. It also provides guidance on which systems and equipment are essential for safe flight operations and which ones can be deferred or temporarily inoperative.
o The MEL ensures that aircraft can operate with the minimum necessary equipment and systems, reducing the impact of unexpected equipment failures on flight operations.

  • GCAA IB’s

o Information bulletins serve as a means of disseminating important information to stakeholders in the aviation industry, including pilots, air traffic controllers, airport operators, and others.
o This information is often critical to ensuring that aviation stakeholders are aware of potential hazards, changes in procedures, and other important developments that may impact their operations.

  • GCAA Safety Alerts

o GCAA issues safety alerts to notify the aviation industry of potential safety hazards and risks. These safety alerts are issued to inform stakeholders about important safety-related issues, incidents, or events that require their attention and action.
o The purpose of GCAA safety alerts is to provide timely and relevant information to stakeholders, including airlines, airports, air traffic control, maintenance organizations, and other aviation service providers.
o The alerts aim to raise awareness of safety issues, provide guidance on risk mitigation, and improve overall safety performance in the aviation industry.
o GCAA safety alerts are an essential part of the GCAA’s safety management system, which is designed to ensure that aviation safety risks are identified, assessed, and effectively managed.

  • GCAA Standalone AMC

o The purpose of Standalone Acceptable Means of Compliance is to promote safe and efficient aviation operations in the UAE by providing clear and practical guidance on how to comply with the regulatory requirements.
o Typically used when there is no existing AMC available for a particular regulation or requirement. It is developed to assist operators in complying with new regulations or requirements that have been introduced by the GCAA.

  • GCAA GM & Safety Decisions

o Supporting the Primary Regulations GCAA guidance material and safety decisions play a critical role in promoting the safety and security of aviation operations in the UAE.
o By providing additional clarity these materials help to ensure that aviation industry stakeholders understand their obligations and responsibilities and are equipped with the additional knowledge and tools needed to conduct safe and efficient aviation activities.

  • Certificate of Fitness for Flight App VII to CAR 145

o CFF Requirements
o Format of the Certificate

  • Personnel Requirements CAR 145.30/35

o Nominated Personnel
o Man-hour Plan
o Human Factors Training
o One Off Authorization
o Competence assessment
o Certifying staff and support staff CAR 145.35
o Qualification & Training Records
o Continuation Training
o Company Authorization
o Equipment, tools and material CAR 145.40

  • Availability
  • Tool Control
  • Calibration

o Acceptance of components CAR 145.42

  • Segregation
  • Traceability
  • Life Limited
  • Equivalent to GCAA AW Form 1

o Maintenance data CAR 145.45

  • Segregation
  • Availability of current data
  • Common work card

o Production planning CAR 145.47

  • Stage Signing of complex maintenance tasks Shift Handover

o Certification of Maintenance CAR 145.50

  • CRS Requirements
  • CRS Statement
  • Reference to GCAA CAR-145 Approval Number

o Maintenance records CAR 145.55

  • Records of maintenance work Carried out
  • Record Retention

o Occurrence reporting CAR 145.60 & AMC-22

  • Internal procedure
  • GCAA Reporting of Safety Incident (ROSI)

o Safety and quality policy, maintenance procedures and quality system CAR 145.65

  • Knowledge of quality policy and maintenance procedures

o Voluntary Reporting System (VORSY) AMC-57 Awareness
o MMEL/MEL CAR MEL Applicability/Familiarization
o AD’s/SB’s/Mod/Repair
o CAR M 303 & 304 Applicability/Familiarization
o ETOPS AMC-21 Training

Next Steps

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