November 07, 2023


Sofema Aviation Services (SAS), in a strategic joint venture with Regional Air Support (RAS), is proud to announce a comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS) Implementation and Risk Assessment Workshop. This pivotal event aims to foster a deep understanding of SMS and its role in optimizing organizational processes and improving efficiency within the aviation industry.

Title: SMS Implementation and Risk Assessment Review & Workshop

Speaker: Dr. Florin Necula, Aviation Maintenance (AM) at RAS Technic Romania

Dates: December 14th and 15th 2023

Cost: €195 for one delegate, €285 for two delegates (VAT may be applicable) Contact us at for more participants..

Venue: Hilton Garden Inn, Otopeni Airport, Bucharest, Romania

The workshop will be led by industry expert Dr. Florin Necula, who brings a wealth of knowledge from his experience at RAS Technic Romania. Designed for aviation professionals, the event will span over two days, covering essential SMS topics, practical challenges, and advanced risk assessment techniques.

Amongst the many topics that will be included on day 1 we can point out a few of them:

  • SMS implementation challenges
  • Current status and challenges within organizations
  • SMS system components as per ICAO Annex 19
  • Development of initial and recurrent training programs
  • Management of change, safety accountabilities, and emergency response planning

Participants will leave Day 1 with a certificate of completion and an arsenal of skills critical to the advancement of their organization’s safety management protocols.

Day 2 is reserved for an in-depth workshop covering:

  • The roles of Aviation Managers, Safety Managers, and Nominated Persons in maintaining safety accountability
  • Hazard Identification in an EASA Environment
  • Practical exercises in risk assessment and management of change
  • Investigation and communication of safety events

This workshop is exclusively available to those who have participated in Day 1, ensuring a seamless and continuous learning experience.

The full program of this 2 days event can be seen here.

Why to Attend the SMS Implementation and Risk Assessment Workshop?

The SMS Implementation and Risk Assessment Workshop goes beyond compliance; it provides an opportunity to integrate safety management as a core business strategy, which can result in significant cost savings and heightened operational efficacy. The event is a call to action for industry leaders, safety managers, and all aviation safety advocates to come together to engage with advanced performance metrics and practical solutions that ensure the effectiveness of safety initiatives.

Sofema Aviation Services is excited to collaborate with Regional Air Support, leveraging our collective expertise to deliver unparalleled value to all attendees. This workshop is an essential investment for those committed to advancing safety management practices in their organizations.

For more information and to reserve your seat, please contact Act quickly, as space is limited.

About Sofema Aviation Services: Sofema Aviation Services is a leading provider of regulatory-approved training and consultancy services, with a focus on delivering the highest quality of operational and maintenance training to the aviation industry. Our mission is to support our clients with cost-effective solutions to their training and consultancy needs.

About Regional Air Support – Professional Aviation Training Center is a private company with Romanian shareholders, founded in 1999, part of the RAS Group of CompaniesEver since the foundation,  the focus has been on training services for civil aeronautical personnel and consultancy provided to companies in Romania and the region – air operators, airport operators, and other categories of service providers in the field of civil aviation. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Hilton Garden Inn in December for this game-changing event.


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