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SAS Welcomes our visitors and hope that we will be able to support your career objectives. At Sofema Aviation Services we specialize in placing people in the following Job Categories( If you are looking for these or similar jobs then Sofema Aviation Services is the site for you):

CAMO and Operator Safety Management Roles, 145 Safety Management Jobs, Part M Roles in Engineering, Technical Records Reliability and Maintenance Planning Jobs, CAMO Jobs, Maintenance Schedule Planning Jobs, Technical Service and other Technical Rep Jobs, Maintenance CAMO & AMO Quality Roles, Maintenance Safety Jobs, Part 145 Jobs, Base Maintenance Management & Line Maintenance Management Jobs, Workshop Maintenance Jobs, Certifying Jobs, Mechanics Jobs, Production Planning. Part 21 Subpart G & J Roles including CVE.

Sofema Aviation Services is a rapidly growing recruitment specialist, supplying skilled personnel to the global aviation market, from large companies to small and medium sized, all of who are looking for a professional and personal service.

Our Goal is quite simply to meet the resource needs of your organisation in the shortest time, efficiently and cost effectively. We are proud of the relationships we have built with international aviation organizations over the years, with our core values at the heart of everything we do.

We have the expertise and the resources to save you money and time. By using SAS recruitment support to optimize your workforce whether for temporary contract or permanent support can lead to considerable savings. We are assist our clients with permanent and contract labour support, significantly reducing your burden and simplifying the process for you.

The services we offer include:

  • Executive and Permanent Recruitment
  • Line Maintenance Operations
  • Base Maintenance Operations
  • Manpower Support
  • Supply Chain and Procurement
  • Engineering Roles
  • Management Roles

The Sofema Aviation Service Recruitment Process is intensive and focuses on ensuring the applicants competencies match the expectation of the client.

Every candidate is considered individually before being considered for either contract or permanent work.

As a regulatory training company we are also able to provide where necessary any recurrent training required in support of the contract. We believe this makes Sofema Aviation Services one of the few full services companies which have the expertise to effectively manage the technical interview recruitment process.


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